Why I talk less? and Don't go with people?

Huh, a post after a long time.. Just renewed the domain last week. I like to write but I criticize myself when I start thinking of writing something. But today, I however want to write because I want to say something about me - How I am and why.. (Only few things ah :p) and thanks to the one who did ask me today "I heard that u don't speak much and don't go with ppl"

Actually as the people around me or who knows me know that, I do talk very less and mingle bit less with anyone. Why?

I like to observe things which goes around me and which interests me. So I often do not want anyone to ask why, what happened, how.. All these stuffs..

Since my PU (XI), I was outside of my home comfort and I mingled, personally saw lot of people, except few, I did not see much good people who works, wishes other’s good or and have selflessness.

Following are the few reasons why I choose to be:

  • I hate it when they say, anything is fine at the restaurant/food
  • I can go on my wish, come on my wish, no need to make someone wait or I do not need to wait for them.
  • What to talk to someone? I really don’t have an idea
  • Shall I ask them - how are you? I see them good, then why formality? I would really fo and ask how you now, what happened all these…
  • I don’t like anyone to bother about me, let me be how I want to be
  • I can do whatever I want without troubling the nearone’s

Everyone will have some secrets which you do not want to share with anyone, so being alone not talking much will obviously keeps it within you.

These doesn’t mean like I do not talk or mingle with people. I do have friends with whom I talk daily (Guys around me)  weekly (Friends whom I or they call me). I am also part of few social service or community with whom I go for social service activities and mingle with them.

* I always wish to be a silent spectator *