Computer Programming

Computer programming is the process where your ideas are written in computer understandable format, that process itself within its brain and give us some desired output.
In basic, computer take instructions and process the instructions and gives output. So inorder to 'process', computer need instructions as how it has to be performed. So the instructions written in programming language is referred to as 'Computer Programming'.
Computer won't understand the language which I or you speak, the language which computer understand is called as 'Binary language'. Yes, as we have French, English n all we have Binary language.
So when we write instructions in programming language, those are even converted to binary. It's difficult to understand and write in binary code hence computer or system will have interpreters, so these interpreter convert programming language into binary code. These binary code are understood by CPU and proceed and output is given. So basically it's as below representation.
Input: What input we enter to computer. ( Like: 2+2)
Output: Results we get after operations performed.
Processing: Computer internally doing calculation
Programming: Writing instructions in programming language
Interpreter: Converts instructions written in programming language to computer understandable format.
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