Stay focused, stay relevant - Manage with layoff

I was talking to few people today, one among them lost job due to lay off in the company due to COVID-19 pandemic. So, I just thought as there might be few people who is going through same situations and LinkedIn the place where most of them comes to. So, this post is just to give some tips as how to stay focused and stay relevant to find a new job and what you could do this time.

You don't have a job, but you have a job to find the job.
  • Have a routine - Keep a time table yourself. Have a routine, wake up early and go to bed early. Do exerciser and meditate. Don't spoil yourself in depression of job loss or toughness in finding one.
  • Learning - learn relevant skill in your field or something more in which you are master. Additionally explore the relevant areas where you could show your skills. Should spend minimum 2 hours daily in learning. Do some certifications if you could.
  • You did not like your job? - So if you were not liking what you were doing and you lost your job, this is the time to master what you like and to kick-start on the field. Suppose if you were a QA and you wanted to be a web designer, you should utilise this time to become a web designer.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile - LinkedIn the the professional's network. So, keep it updated. Help to get reach to other's post, post yourself and connect with people. You may not know who is going to be a saviour for you.
  • Update your resume in all the job portals.
  • Spend time with your family and friends. Avoid talking to more relatives - in India, this will bring more stress to you.
  • Check freelance websites - if you are good at what you do, you might get some freelance work. Which will be a bonus and you may able to take it full time.
  • Write - Start a blog or website. Start writing about whatever comes into your mind, this will help you release your thoughts as well as it may become a guide or book in future.

This might be a tough time. All depends on how you handle the situation. Take it as a testing time.

Thanks for the read!