How to create your own personal website - domain

Having your own personal website is cool right? It's a way to show everyone like what you do. Obviously if you are a web designer or developer, you would have developed some sites or designs. You can showcase those in the site. If you like writing, you can post your stuffs to the website. You can have link to all your social media accounts in one place. You can write articles and share in social media. There will be visitors, and may your friend come to you and say tomorrow that the site was good or some comments on anything. Or someone asks your social media identity or something, you can just share your website and from there they can find all other media too. Kinda cool right?

This post is regarding creating a personal website. I have broken those into 3 parts. Getting a domain, creating a sample site and hosting it in web servers.

This post is focusing on buying a domain. Domains are the web address or identity. Like - abc.com or google.com. There are lots of domains extensions available. Domain extension means are like — com, in, xyzedu, us, org, io, me.

It's good to get me as domain extension. But it's your choice. You will get domains for 99 rupees from bigrock or godaddy. You can also get service from namecheapaws or google.

To purchase a domain, you may need a debit card, credit card, internet banking or some online payment methods.

Sign up to the provider, choose domain, make payment. You are done for now. You may need some changes to make based on the web hosting provider you choose.

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