Be a better version of You.

[This writing is just flow of my words which doesn't depict anyone]

If you are from a application user, or a internet user you should be knowing what are versions. For those who don't know - Versions are the number given to the product release. A new release will have a new feature. For example, today you see a baby with hair and tomorrow without hair. So, that's different versions. In apps also the team releases different feature different days. Which will be tagged with version.

Life the way it is, is not fair. We have to bring it on path as so life will be fair to you. Today when someone say you that - that's not correct, it should be corrected and this should not be repeated so that's the better version of you. In each moment when you observe, talk or hear, you can take each point on you and make a correction of yourself. So, anyone specifically no need to tell you that that's not the correct way. If a person really want to make himself better, he can just see and hear the people around you and do a self correction.

But in order to be a better version, anyone should have willingness to learn and a right attitude. It doesn't matter your age or time. Having food with someone? Just observe if you are comfortable. Sometime the person may make sound of spoon or licking fingers, which may give you some uncomfortable. So, you learnt that you should not do that. If you are also that kind of, someone might need to tell you that which makes uncomfortable or not table manners. So this way, there is learning all the time. When your eyes are open, ears are listening all the time you can learn something new.

I am not at all perfect, or learning and carrying all the things, I am just writing this because I just want to put up my thoughts and wants to write something. Which will improve my skills. I makes mistake sometimes someone corrects or I carry the same thing. But making same mistake again is big mistake.

All these still it depends on what you want to be. Thanks and Cheers!