Learning is a continuous process

Other day, I was been for a evening walk, when I came back my CTO was asking few basic networking related questions to my colleague. I came in, listened to it by carrying out with my task. But I started thinking about it. As a programmer, when we are working on something, we should be having understanding of what things are going on and how the things works from basics. Doing just what we are supposed - this can be done by anyone - internet has all these info. But understanding of the system and basics are important.

So, I started introspecting as I also did not know answer to few of those questions. Where did I go wrong? - I had all those in my syllabus in college I ha studied but just forgot it over there thinking I won't be working on those concepts ignoring the fact that everything built on that. So, everything you hear on a classroom is so important that, it repeats on life. Everything is built on those basic concepts.

So, there is no end to learning, it's a continuous process until your last breath. No matter what you can read always, you can observe and think. Thinking makes you to think more and those improves your knowledge and quesstioning.

So, maybe for the first time I ordered a networking basics book. Let me see how reading book goes after about 4 years.

By the way, no need to read book always, You can source it from internet or read news papers or even wikipedia is a good source.

Happy learning and remembering!