Debian - my new playground

Last month, in May I joined a new workplace a startup with aim of learning something new and scale it up. So, as when I joined and gave me a system, I was shocked to see Debian in it!

I used Kali linux - a debian derived linux distro during my college days. But never went it to it much or explored it. And in my previous company I never used an os apart form Windows. But I had tried using redhat in an ec2 - which is just command mode.

So, as soon as I got the system, I was panic like how to use it? I really never worked on these apart from windows... blah blah.. But I had strong trust on Stack and Google (Never disappointed till). So, I started using it and it's been more than 2 weeks and I am kind of addicted to it. No matter what OS you use, you just want to have option to support the things you are doing. I mostly work with an editor, a web browser and office tools.

The reasons why organisations use debian are - security, Opensource, No 'not responding', fast, good memory management and so on.

I always love AMD over Intel, and now debian over windows. To write this, I went through 'Debian wiki' and found that debian project was started in 1993 August (Couple months before I born). Hope you already know that it's a linux distro. It's maintained by a group of people from internet teamed up as 'The Debian project'.

So - today, in daily meet my CTO was telling us team to write on something which we learnt after coming here. This time, I have this. I hope, there are more stuffs like this comes on my blog.

Thanks for reading.